About Moozi

Moozi is the one-button solution for perfect temperature baby formula bottles in under a minute.

Looking for an easy and stress-free feeding solution for preparing formula bottles? Isn’t it about time that making bottles is as easy as preparing your favorite cup of coffee?

Moozi enables you to quickly soothe your baby’s hunger – at the times you need it most! And say goodbye to running to the kitchen to tackle a messy, multi-step, measure and prep process while your baby cries and screams in frustration!

Moozi delivers freshly prepared formula bottles made at the touch of a button in under a minute. Now you can relax and enjoy more quiet bonding time together – and if it’s 2am, go back to bed quickly and sleep!

Check out our website at http://moozifed.com/ and head to Kickstarter to order your Moozi now!


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